Aug 072013

BankOfAmerica-crookTime to Prosecute

the #1 Loan Shark Bankrupting Detroit:

BANK OF AMERICA, Foreclosing Our Homes, Our City

Monday, August 19, High Noon

We’ll Put BoA on Trial

Gather and march from Detroit’s Labor Landmark  in Hart Plaza, Jefferson Ave. & Woodward

Filing for bankruptcy is a declaration of war on retirees, workers & communities!

Our indictment:

  • BoA-Countrywide’s predatory sub-prime loans
  • BoA’s foreclosure fraud
  • BoA’s swindling of the city with casino-like bets on interest rates


For more information and flyers, contact us at,  or call UAW Local 600, 313-429-5009
Detroit Eviction Defense is a network of homeowners, union members, faith-based activists, and community advocates.
For more information, go to

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