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February 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

For the past year the Moratorium NOW! Coalition has been in the thick of the fight against the Emergency Manager and the bankruptcy proceedings. We held demonstrations at every public appearance of Kevyn Orr, confronting him in picket lines and face to face where possible.

As bankruptcy hearings began we massed outside the courthouse over and over in good weather and bad uniting retirees, city workers, city residents and community activists demanding “Jobs, Pensions, Services – Make the Banks Pay” and “The Banks Owe Detroit for Destroying Our Neighborhoods.”

Our 15-foot banner “Cancel Detroit’s Debt” has been seen on TV and print media around the world. Hundreds of retirees are sporting our t-shirts “Hands Off My Pension – Make the Banks Pay.” We changed the discussion from blaming the people of Detroit to blaming the criminal bankers. Even Judge Rhodes had to agree with this assessment in his ruling against the Barclay’s loan in January 2014. The New York Times headline (Business Section, Feb. 4) was “Detroit Turns Bankruptcy Into Challenge of Banks” along with a great photo of our signs at a picket line.

This fight continues as the Emergency Manager submits his “plan of adjustment” that will devastate retirees, city workers’ pay and benefits, slash city services and threaten city assets.

We need your help! We need to print more signs and leaflets. We need to replace bullhorns that have stopped working. We can barely heat our office space when we have meetings. We will need to rent space for mass meetings.

Please don’t allow our growing expenses and unpaid bills to hold back this critical struggle. We are convinced that a mass turnout in the streets is the only real protection the people will have against the power of Wall Street, who wants to use Detroit as a testing ground for stealing pensions and looting assets. Then they’ll do it across the country.

Please send a donation today to Moratorium NOW! Coalition. Thank you for your generosity and ongoing support!

Yours in struggle,

David Sole               Abayomi Azikiwe                   Debbie Johnson<

Online donations may be made at:

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Moratorium NOW! Coalition
5920 Second Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202

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  1. Are donations to MECAWI tax deductible?

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