The Racial Profiling Across 8 Mile Committee requests your financial support for the rental of billboards along 8 Mile Rd.

The purpose of the billboards on 8 Mile Rd. are to:

  • Foster awareness of the racial profiling that has occurred on 8 mile for decades;
  • Validate the fear Black drivers often experience while driving down 8 mile;
  • Collect narratives from people who have experienced racial profiling while driving, walking or riding a bicycle; and
  • Mount a campaign to challenge and change the narrative of 8 Mile as the wall of racial divide in metropolitan Detroit.

Each billboard costs between $2000 – $2300 per month with a one time cost of $500 to print the vinyl sign.

The first billboard went up at 8 Mile and Wyoming from Nov. 3 – Dec. 7. The vinyl was moved to a new location east of the State Fairgrounds on Dec. 14.

Please donate using one of the methods below: