Help Stop the Eviction of the Benthins

Support the Benthin Family in Portage, MI

Michael Benthin, like millions of other people, lost his job at the start of the housing crash, and fell behind on his payments to Bank of America. For three years, he tried to work with the bank on a loan modification. He was given the usual run-a-round from Bank of America and now faces eviction on Monday, April 29. The Benthins live in Portage,MI, which is adjacent to Kalamazoo. Micheal’s friends and neighbors are coming together to to support him and his family. He is working with Occupy Kalamazoo and other groups.  Actions will be announced this week. In the meantime, please show your support by taking a few minutes to do the following

Sign Micheal’s petition to “Help My Kids Keep Their Rooms“.

Call and email these people right away:

Daniel Vargas, Executive Customer Relations of BoA at 877.471.4367, ext. 034580

Bank of America President Brian T. Moynihan

Tell Bank of America to stop the eviction of the Benthin family.  Tell the bank to work out an equitable solution, including a principal reduction and a low interest rate, that allows the Benthins to stay in their home.  They may ask you for details of the loan, which are below:

Benthin home address:
6520 Oakland Dr.
Portage MI 49024

Loan number: 196712047

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