Apr 142013

Tell Chase Bank to Stop the Eviction of Gregorio Martinez and Sell Him Back His Home

Gregorio Martinez is back in court against Chase Bank on Tuesday, April 16, 9:00 am, before Judge Wanda Evans at 36th District Court in Detroit (421 Madison, next to Ford Field). Mr. Martinez has submitted his offer to purchase his home for the redemption amount of $2,800. Mr. Martinez has provided proof of funds to Chase Bank, but Chase Bank continues to give Mr. Martinez the run around. Join us in court on Tuesday to support Mr. Martinez and call Chase Bank toll free at 888-310-7995 and tell them to settle with Mr. Martinez and sell him back his home. Mention his Chase Bank loan number which is 1676107537. Mr. Martinez’ home is at 5811 Chopin Street, Detroit, Michigan. For details on Mr. Martinez’ case and the campaign to save his home, go to peoplebeforebanks.org or moratorium-mi.org

This kind of public pressure works! In response to our court vigils, phone calls, and picketing of their offices, Metro Property Management has agreed to sell Ms. Henderson back her home, with a closing date scheduled for the end of this month.

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