Fannie Freddie National Demo, Sept. 27

Jerome Jackson had planned to go to Washington, D.C. and participate in the demonstrations on Sept. 27, representing Fannie and Freddie fighters in southeast Michigan. He has had to cancel the trip, after going to the emergency room this evening. He is home now and is being cared for by Jettowynne, his sister.

His doctor stated to Jerome that it is the stress caused by the foreclosure and the threatened eviction that is contributing to the deterioration of his physical and mental health and severely impeding his recovery from a recent operation. It is Community Living Services and the Wayne County government, along with PNC Bank and Fannie Mae that are making him sick and unable to sleep at night.

Here is the short statement that was prepared for the press packet that will be provided to the media on Sept. 27:

Jerome Jackson, a paraplegic since the age of 14, when he was shot by a bully while in middle school, faces eviction by Fannie Mae and the loan servicer, PNC Bank. Wayne County’s Community Living Services encouraged Jerome, who lives on a fixed income of $600 a month, to move into a wheelchair accessible home built especially for him, with the promise that CLS would pay 85% of the mortgage. CLS reneged on it’s obligation to pay their share of the mortgage, prompting Fannie Mae to foreclose and attempt to evict Jerome from his home.

“Fannie Mae should sue the Wayne County government and CLS for failure to pay the mortgage and let me stay in my home for 15% of the current market value of the home, which I can afford to pay. I did absolutely nothing wrong,” stated Jerome Jackson.

Jerome would like to thank all those individuals and groups who helped raise money for his trip, particularly Occupy Detroit Eviction Defense, Moratorium NOW, and Right to the City. The funds will be returned and used for future anti-foreclosure and eviction defense work.

Come one, Come All!

Actions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to win principal reduction, a halt to all evictions and slum conditions, right to rent, and transfer of vacant properties to communities not investors

1525 Newton St, Washington DC
(St. Stephens Episcopal Church)

Meet at the church and caravan to Fannie Mae’s national headquarters, Freddie Mac’s national headquarters and a surprise stop at end!

For more information contact: Tony at, 404.593.5227

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are 80% taxpayer owned but are supporting Wall Street not Main Street. “The People’s Banks” are kicking more people out of their homes than any other bank in the country. And then they sell those homes to investors for less than what we offered! People are fighting back! During the week of action (Sept 10-14), hundreds of Fannie and Freddie residents and fighters stormed the banks’ regional headquarters in Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. Then, Fannie for the first time ever did an about face and agreed to principal reduction in California! This is a victory and one step forward. We need justice across the country and all our demands met. Join the Fannie/Freddie 99 in DC on Sept 27!

Right to the City Alliance
Occupy Our Homes
Home Defenders League
Alliance for a Just Society
Chicago Anti-Eviction Network
Mexico Solidarity Network
Moratorium Now Coalition
City Life/Vida Urbana
Springfield No One Leaves
Chelsea Collaborative
Lynn United for Change
Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team
Causa Justa/Just Cause
Miami Workers Center
Nobody Leaves MidHudson
Occupy Our Homes Atlanta
Occupy Our Homes Minneapolis
Occupy Our Homes DC
Occupy Our Homes LA
Occupy Our Homes Chattanooga
Occupy Our Homes Asheville
New York Communities for Change
New Jersey Communities United
Communities United Baltimore

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