Fannie Mae: Stop the eviction of Baxter Jones!

Help Baxter Jones pack and move his belongings.  He needs help now.   Visit the Facebook page, Baxter Jones’ moving party, Hosted by Coach Jones’ Community Cause Corner and sign up now, or call Erik Shelley at 248-982-6326.


From Detroit Eviction Defense:

Tell Fannie Mae to Stop the Eviction of Baxter Jones

We took the struggle to stop the eviction of Baxter Jones to Fannie Mae’s Chicago offices last week. The link to the YouTube video is here, along with contact information for telling Fannie Mae officials to keep Baxter in his home.

Call Chris Daugherty, Escalation Specialist, 972-656-8600

Baxter Jones’ loan number is 025 301 6042
His address is 8789 Rexford Rd., Jackson, Michigan
Tell Fannie to stop the eviction of S. Baxter Jones and either sell
him back his home at market value, or work with him to modify
his loan with principal reduction and low interest.

Case Outline:
Baxter Jones is a former Detroit Public School teacher who suffered severe and permanent head injuries in a car accident and must use a wheelchair for mobility. He lost his job and went into default during the long process of securing disability benefits. Wells Fargo, the bank servicing the mortgage for Fannie Mae, foreclosed even though Mr. Jones qualified for a loan modification designed for people with disabilities. Baxter could now buy back his home through a qualified non-profit at its market value of $58,000, but Fannie says it will settle for no less than $242,000! Baxter Jones is battling eviction in Jackson, Michigan. Call Fannie Mae and tell them to keep Baxter Jones in his home!

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