Join the Vigil to Stop the Eviction of Jennifer Britt

Eviction Order Will be Signed Wednesday
Vigil at Jennifer Britt’s Home Starts Thursday

Join us anytime Thursday, July 19, starting at 6am, and sign up for whatever time slot you can manage over the next week at Jennifer’s home. There will be an open meeting at 6pm at the house, 15701 Warwick St. at Midland in Rosedale Park, just south of Grand River, first light west of Southfield Freeway.

Vigil will be each weekday, from 6 am to 6 pm, until the threat of eviction is over.

Sign up for a shift at the vigil at Jennifer’s home (an hour or two or whatever you can do):

email or call 313-757-2155.

Judge Nancy Blount of 36th District Court denied our motion to stay the eviction of Jennifer Britt and her family from their Rosedale Park home. The judge will sign the eviction order Wednesday on behalf of Fannie Mae, the housing finance agency run by the federal government.

Detroit Eviction Defense is asking its supporters to join us in a vigil at Jennifer’s home starting Thursday. We will oppose the placing of the dumpster in front of the home in a peaceful manner, making a statement with our numbers. Join us in whatever capacity you are comfortable with— as witness, supporter, resister.

Fannie Mae bails out Flagstar, evicts Jennifer

Fannie Mae refused the offer of Southwest Housing Solutions to buy the home at its appraised value and keep Jennifer’s family in their home. The government will only accept the full value of the taxpayer-funded bailout it gifted to Flagstar Bank— $121,000. This is a scandalous disregard of the community’s needs and a blatant double standard: Fannie Mae will sell foreclosed homes to investors at well below market, but homeowners like Jennifer are charged a king’s ransom and given the boot. Fannie Mae needs to address the needs of the community, not just the banks. Southwest Housing Solutions is willing to negotiate.

The foreclosure never should have happened in the first place, as made clear in the summary below. In a nutshell: Leon and Jennifer Britt have paid more than $100,000 for the home, Jennifer paying $46,000 since Leon died in 2006, exhausting her savings as Flagstar refused to modify, raised the monthly payment, and loaded her balance with fees and penalties.

We don’t need another empty home in Detroit and Rosedale Park!

Flagstar first foreclosed when Jennifer’s husband, a member of UAW Local 600, died in 2006. The home was temporarily in default and Jennifer paid $26,000 from her husband’s life insurance to restore the loan.

Flagstar raised monthly payments over the next 2 years from $1,550 to $1,750, but refused to put Jennifer’s name on the mortgage after Leon’s death.

When Jennifer lost her job in 2008 she continued paying while asking for a loan modification. Flagstar refused, saying her name wasn’t on the mortgage— and the bank then raised her payment to $1,975. Jennifer has paid a total of $46,000 since 2006, depleting her savings.

Flagstar foreclosed and Fannie Mae, operated by the federal government, paid $121,000 in taxpayer money to take over the mortgage.

Jennifer now has a job and Southwest Housing Solutions offered to buy the house at its appraised value and sell it to her on favorable terms. Fannie Mae refused: it wants $121,000 for a house worth little more than 1/10th that amount.

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Sign the petition supporting HR 4848, which calls for a MORATORIUM on FORECLOSURES for THREE YEARS;

The Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions, and Utility Shutoffs is open to all those who want to fight for a moratorium on foreclosures, evictions, layoffs, and utility shutoffs. We meet every Monday, 7 PM, at 5920 Second Ave., Detroit.


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