Rally to Save S. Baxter Jones’ Home, Saturday, March 16, 11 AM

Stop The Eviction of S. Baxter Jones

Rally to Save S. Baxter Jones’ Home

Saturday – March 16 – 11 AM

Wells Fargo Office
100 S. Jackson St., Jackson, Michigan

S. Baxter Jones was a Detroit school teacher for over 20 years. He suffered traumatic brain injury in 2005 and has a severe disability. Mr. Jones fell behind on his mortgage while waiting for Social Security and his pension to be processed. He wrote to Wells Fargo explaining his situation and had a phone conference with them to discuss a loan modification.

Wells Fargo refused to work with Mr. Jones and went ahead with foreclosure, even though he started getting Social Security benefits. He faces imminent eviction from his home (where he has lived since 2002 in Jackson, Michigan.   What makes this even more outrageous is that Mr. Jones’ loan was sold to Fannie Mae which has been taken over by the federal government.  That means our tax dollars are being used to throw this former school teacher with disabilities into the street.

Call Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae. Demand they stop the eviction of S. Baxter Jones and work with him to modify his loan so he can stay in his home.

Refer to: LOAN # 025 301 6042;    ADDRESS 8789 Rexford Road, Jackson, MI 49201

Fannie Mae Chicago Office: 312-368-6200

Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center: 866-442-8572

Wells Fargo Office of Executive Complaint: 800-853-8516

issued by: Detroit Eviction Defense

for more information:  Call Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures at

(313) 680-5508 – peoplebeforebanks.org — moratorium-mi.org

download BaxterJones demo leaflet 03-16-13

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