Update – People’s public hearing on the eviction of Jerome Jackson – Dec. 18, 2012, 1-3 pm


Guardian Building
Commission Chamber
500 Griswold Street, Detroit, MI
Tues., Dec 18th – 1 to 3 pm

Please allow time to find parking

The access to the Guardian Building for people with disabilities is on Larned Street (south side of the building, toward the river).  Arrive early to allow time to get to the Commission Chambers.

Panelists for the People’s public hearing include Martha Scott, Wayne County Commissioner; Lisa Franklin, President of the Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit; Reverend David Bullock, Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church; Mary Byrnes, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Marygrove College; Jerry Goldberg, people’s attorney and anti-foreclosure activist; Congressperson John Conyers or a representative; and Chris Michalakis, President, Metro Detroit AFL-CIO, (schedule permitting).

The Wayne County Mental Health Department had a program whose stated intent was “to provide home ownership opportunity for people with disabilities.” Jerome Jackson, a paraplegic, was the beneficiary of such a program until the Mental Health Department and its contractor, Community Living Services, walked away from their promise, leaving Jerome to face foreclosure and threatened eviction.

For more information visit http://moratorium-mi.org/peoples-public-hearing-on-the-eviction-of-jerome-jackson-dec-18-2012-1-3-pm/

For more information or to offer testimony, please call 248-470-0296.

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