Stop Urealdene’s Eviction! – March 9th and 11th

Demonstrate at Metro Property Management

Saturday, Mar. 9th, 10am

106641 Joy Rd, Detroit, MI 48204

(between Livernois and Oakman Blvd.)

Join us in court to support Ms. Henderson

Monday, Mar. 11th, 9am

36th District Court, Judge Patricia Jefferson

421 Madison St  Detroit, MI 48226

Urealdene Henderson has lived at her home on Stoepel in Detroit for 36 years.  She worked at Great Lakes Steel/US Steel for 34 of those years as a member on United Steelworkers Local 1299.  In 2006, Ms. Henderson was diagnosed with cancer  and was off work for three years for treatment.  She returned to work in 2009, only to be laid off.  This is when she got behind on her property taxes.  She now is retired and on disability from US Steel. She had a deal with the Wayne County Treasurer to pay $2100 to prevent tax foreclosure and to pay that amount by October 15, 2012. Through no fault of Ms. Henderson her payment was not made until October 18, 2012, but the Treasurer sold Ms. Henderson’s home at tax auction to Metro Property Management for $7000.

The Response by Vulture “Developer” Metro Property Management Ms. Henderson contacted Metro Property Management right away, explained the situation and offered $10,000 to buy back her home. Metro refused and said they wanted $52,000 when they had paid $7000 and houses in Ms. Henderson’s neighborhood are selling for $7000 to $10,000. Metro then said they wouldn’t sell to Ms. Henderson at all and then said they would rent to her for $1000 a month. Metro also started to put notices on Ms. Henderson’s door to try to frighten her into moving.

One Notice said: “This property is illegally occupied by a SQUATTER. The Detroit Police Department has been notified.” The notice went on to threaten: “Being arrested by the Detroit Police Department for Trespassing or Energy Theft… you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” As stated, Ms. Henderson has lived in her home for 36 years; she has paid off her mortgage. She is not in her home illegally; she is not a squatter.

Another Notice from Metro again said: “The property you are residing at is illegally occupied.” And went on: “You risk being arrested by the Detroit Police Department.” Finally, Metro Property Management left a notice on Ms. Henderson’s door saying: “…we will proceed with the eviction and trash out.”

These notices from Metro Property Management are threatening, untrue and illegal.

These are attempts to frighten Ms. Henderson into vacating her home of 36 years without defending herself in court or attempting to reach a negotiated settlement. Metro Property Management is one of several so called “developers” who have descended on the people and neighborhoods of Detroit in recent years as a result of the foreclosure crisis and the economic crisis. The “developers” are nothing more than vultures attempting to profit off the misery and difficulties of the people of Detroit. They figure they can do or say anything to people in Detroit and get away with it. Urealdene Henderson, her family, her friends and supporters from Detroit Eviction Defense are saying to Metro Property Management: you will not get away with it this time and we are determined to expose your attacks on the people of Detroit and the neighborhoods of Detroit.

Issued by Detroit Eviction Defense

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