Stop the eviction of Evie Sawaquat in Traverse City, MI

Evie Sawaquat
Evie Sawaquat, homeowner facing eviction by Fannie Mae.

Call the following numbers and demand that the eviction of Evie Sawaquat be stopped and that she given a principal reduction on her loan to current market value with a low interest rate:

Daniel Vargas, Executive Customer Relations of BoA at 877.471.4367, ext. 034580 and tell Bank of America to stop the eviction, modify the loan, and give Evie Sawaquat back her money.

Refer to Evie’s loan # 138 626 804, address: 6686 S. West bay Shore Dr., Traverse City, MI 49684

Email Bank of America President Brian T. Moynihan at

Call the numbers below and tell taxpayer-owned Fannie Mae to stop the eviction of Evie Sawaquat and work with her to modify her loan:

Fannie Mae Chicago Office: (312) 368-6200


The Sawaquat’s  {Sa-wa-quot} mortgage was originally through Country Wide, and which was then purchased by Bank of America. The mortgage ended up in a mortgage backed security owned by Fannie Mae, while Bank of America serviced the loan and handled the eviction. Fannie Mae was taken over by the U.S. Government in 2008, and is now owned by you and me, the taxpayers.

Last year Bank of America foreclosed on the home of Evie Sawaquat and now she is about to be evicted. Evie and her veteran husband and respected member of the Grand Traverse Band of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Lewis Sawaquat, lived together in their home near Suttons Bay, Michigan until his passing in 2009.

In Evie’s own words:

My name is Evie Sawaquat. Last year B of A foreclosed on my home in Traverse City Mi. After having done so once before in Sept of 2010, then claiming it “was a computer glitch” and saying they had “pulled it from the sheriffs sale”

My husband, Lewis Sawaquat, a 100% disabled Korean War Combat Veteran and respected Elder of Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, and I had our handicapped accessible home built in 2007. We lived here together until his unexpected death in May of 2009. Up until Lewis’s death, B of A ONLY dealt with me, they never spoke with Lewis as I handled our finances etc. After his death I sent them a copy of his death certificate and the nightmare began. They now refused to “divulge any information about this account to you as you are not recognized as an authorized party”.

I spent 8 months calling them daily, sending in documents to prove I was me etc., including copies of wills marriage license,  monthly mortgage payment written on a check showing both our names with me as the primary account holder, and everything I could think of.  I then hired Tashia Winstanley of TLW Mortgage Solutions to apply for a Home Loan Modification in April of 2010. I had been told by B of A that as they did not acknowledge me as the homeowner I could not sell nor rent the property… this seemed a good solution to me.At this point I began making the monthly mortgage payment to TLW Solutions so they could “send them via western union so we can track them as B of A is notorious for not posting the payments on time etc.”

Lewis and I had never been even a day late on our payments. In April of 2011 I was told to quit making payments as B of A had foreclosed in Feb. of 2011..This was the first I had heard of it – no notification to me at all. Recently Tashia Winstanley has been convicted of several charges and is in prison. I received a letter from the prosecuting attorneys office and our Attorney General detailing this along with an apology for my “inconvenience” As I have pointed out to B of A had they Spoken to ME at all..I would have caught the fraud immediately when they did not receive the first payment, if in fact Tashia did not send it to them. I am currently in court fighting this eviction.

I went everywhere for help understanding this whole mess doing everything I was advised to negotiate a Home Loan Modification, while living a nightmare for 3 1/2 years, being treated as if I were the criminal. In fact my husband and I have been in our prisons working in a ministerial capacity and we treat convicted criminals better than I have been treated.

No citizen of this country should ever have to experience the constant nightmare of this. This is NOT the country my husband willingly fought in a war for. I now reside in our empty house living out of a suitcase as I fight eviction, from what was a warm loving gathering place where many came to find solace and uplifting to seek counsel and help with their own challenges. I go into our courts sitting behind Fannie Mae’s “attorneys” Trott and Trott overhearing them discussing my case saying “These foreclosure cases are such a joke” laughing while saying ” this one is really comical, they have non attorneys filing motions” snickering while derisively saying “hell we couldn’t even find a file on this one” the other “attorney” responding with “we found one finally, this ones in the bag ya wanna stick around for the show?”

So, in essence, you and I as taxpayers, are paying employees, to steal our homes out from under us while insulting us in the process. This has to stop.

Case# is 120293LT2 86th District Court Leelanau County Michigan…my next court date is Sept. 14th at 10.30 a.m.


  1. Just to let you know, Brian Moynihan’s email address is no longer valid. It bounces. The direct number to the office of the Chairman and the CEO is 1-704-386-5687. Call, give the loan number and tell them:
    “I am a concerned citizen and that they need to give Evie’s house back.”
    It is not necessary to leave your name or number if you do not wish to. Keep it short, simply say the above sentence after giving the loan number, which is 138626804.

  2. Update: BofA is still playing games…. Daniel Vargas indicated that paperwork would go to Evie that would allow for loan modification, credit for escrow monies, etc. He indicated that this ‘great deal’ was due to the media attention that has been given to this situation. Gave a great song and dance, but in the end the paperwork DID NOT reflect what was promised.
    Please do not let this die- it seems that BofA is playing the waiting game, waiting for attention to die out for this issue. DO NOT LET IT DIE OUT!
    Please keep calling and sending emails… keep the attention on BofA until they do what is right!

    Thank you!

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