Pack the court – Support Paramount homeowners facing eviction, Mon., Dec. 17, 2012


Support Paramount Homeowners Facing Eviction
Rally at Circuit Court
Courtroom of Judge John Gillis, Rm. 1901

Coleman A. Young Center, Detroit
(Jefferson Ave. and Woodward)
Monday, December 17
Gather at 8:30 am

Paramount Land Holdings  swindled hundreds of home buyers, funded by a loan from the Detroit Police and Fire Pension Board. Paramount is now bankrupt and the Pension Board is seeking a court order to evict 57 homeowners, named in their suit for “Exclusive Possession,” claiming they “May not exist at all.” We need to show the court these homeowners are our neighbors and they deserve legal title.

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  1. The Group in Detroit Need to Put the Pressure On the AGs Office in Lansing in All Cases of Eviction Issues on all fronts. Based on a Letter from Senators Nofs Office Last Year the AGs office is Either Setting on or Holding a ONe Hundred Million Dollar Initial Amount from the Obama ADM. With Another Six Hundred Million to Latter Come to Michigan to Assist People. Thru Either the Banking Committee Or Ags Office. to Assist People Caught up in Fraud like Robo Signing and Other Types of Fraud that Has been Perpertraited aginst People by the SCUM theiving Banks and Morgage Companys. That seem to Get away with All OUT Crime and Fraud Against People. What will be Done about this in the Near Future. Lest People FORGET or are Not aware of IT.

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