People’s public hearing on the eviction of Jerome Jackson – Dec. 18, 2012, 1-3 pm

A People’s Hearing


Guardian Building
Commission Chamber
500 Griswold Street, Detroit, MI
Tues., Dec 18th – 1 to 3pm

Please allow time to find parking

Sponsored by:   Wayne County Commissioner Martha Scott, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, Occupy Detroit Eviction Defense, People Before Banks, Jobs with Justice

For more info or to offer testimony:   248-470-0296

download leaflet- Jerome-Peoples Hearing

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Wayne County Mental Health Department, a department of Health & Human Services, had a program whose stated intent was “to provide homeownership opportunity for people with disabilities”.  Jerome Jackson was the beneficiary of such a program until both they and the Mental Health Dept.’s contractor Community Living Services walked away from their promise leaving Jerome to get foreclosed upon.

The Mental Health Department has an annual budgetr of $600 million and a director, Michelle Harris, who gets paid $214,000 per year with an annual pension of $159,000. (Detroit News, 11-27-12)

Join us, on Dec 18th, as we let Wayne County Administration and CLS know how we feel about broken promises and exploitation.

sign the petition to Stop the Eviction of Jerome Jackson


Jerome Jackson, paralyzed from the waist down since age 14, is facing eviction by the combined actions of Community Living Services, Wayne County, PNC Bank, and Fannie Mae, from his wheelchair – accessible Inkster home built specially for him.

CLS is a non-profit organization funded by taxpayers, through the Wayne County Health and Human Services Mental Health Department and other government agencies, while PNC Bank was the loan originator and servicer of the mortgage and a recipient of TARP Bailout funds and other tax-payer assistance.

Ten years ago, Jerome was living in an apartment in downtown Detroit and receiving support and assistance from CLS, the Wayne County agency. In 2004, CLS told Jerome that rental housing was getting too expensive, so he should buy a house.

Over the past several months, the negotiations have been by stymied by the refusal of CLS to honor a commitment made to Jerome in 2004 to pay 85% of the monthly mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance, making it possible for him to afford a wheelchair-accessible home. In 2009, CLS broke its promise and stopped paying its share of the monthly payment, causing the mortgage to go into default. CLS’s behavior runs contrary to its own “Guiding Principles”.

The lender, the builder, CLS and Wayne County all knew and understood that the only way Jerome Jackson could purchase his home was with regular housing support from CLS. Now when CLS decides to stop paying, they all agree that Jerome Jackson should be evicted from his home. Jerome Jackson and his family disagree.

We are calling on CLS / Wayne County to honor their commitment to Jerome Jackson and take all necessary steps to keep him in his home, where he lives independently and with dignity. The mortgage must be reduced to current market value with a low interest rate, and Jerome’s monthly payment must be reduced to 15% of the new mortgage or even free.

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