Freedom Friday 14, Aug. 15, 4 PM

Detroit Freedom Friday 14

August 15, 2014

4:00 pm at the DWSD downtown office, 735 Randolph, Detroit

4:30 pm – March through the financial district to Coleman A. Young Municipal Center


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This Friday, Aug. 15, will represent the 14th week of demonstrations in downtown Detroit in opposition to emergency management and the role of the banks and corporations in the ongoing dismantling and destruction of the city.

The participants are calling on everyone to gather outside the Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept. for picketing and a rally at 4:00pm and march to the financial district at 4:30 to oppose privatization, emergency management, the illegal bankruptcy and pension thefts.

At present thousands of households are still being subjected to illegal water shutoffs at the direction of the bank-imposed EM Kevyn Orr who is seeking to drive even more people from the city as part of the “Grand Theft Bargain” they are implementing on behalf of the criminal corporations and financial institutions.

Despite a cynical move to deflect attention from the gross human rights violations taking place in the city, the EM has turned day-to-day operational “control” of the DWSD to Mayor Mike Duggan. Nonetheless, our demands remain the same: no shut-offs, turn everyone’s water back on, clawback the swap fees and crush all efforts aimed at privatization. The water belongs to the people of Detroit!

These water shutoffs are being carried out by a private firm hired by the outlaw EM utilizing the tax dollars of residents. The aim is to illegally seize the water department from the people of Detroit and turn it over to private interests.

On Mon. July 21, federal bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes heard the DWSD declare a 15-day suspension of the shut-offs. This announcement in federal court was prompted by the testimony delivered at the objections’ hearing on July 15 as well as the mass demonstrations since then. The moratorium has been extended to Aug. 25.

In addition to the announcement by DWSD, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the DWSD’s water shut-offs. Plaintiffs include victims of the draconian policy and four community organizations.

We are by no means satisfied with this supposed “suspension of shut-offs to Aug. 25.” We demand that all households that have had their water services terminated be immediately TURNED BACK ON! There must be an indefinite MORATORIUM ON ALL WATER SHUT-OFFS IN DETROIT!

It is the banks which have swindled the taxpayers out of $537 million in fraudulent interest-rate swaps tied to the DWSD, funds that should be used to repair water main breaks and other infrastructural improvements along with lowering rates which have skyrocketed over 125 percent.

All workers, retirees, community activists, youth who are committed to progressive change are inviting to attend and speak.

We are calling for the total rejection of the bogus “Plan of Adjustment” and the immediate ejecting of the EM Orr. Pensions, healthcare, public assets, the DIA, DWSD, Belle Isle, Detroit Public Schools and all other properties of the city must be protected from the corporate looters who have taken control of the state and local governments in Michigan.

Local control must be restored and the sell-out program of the City Council and the mayor should be resisted by the workers, seniors and youth of Detroit.

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