Demonstrate Outside Bankruptcy Court – Sept.2 – Start of Detroit Bankruptcy Trial

Please note that the date has been changed again to September 2

Demonstrate Outside Bankruptcy Court

Tuesday, September 2 – 8:30 am

231 W. Lafayette St., Detroit

Tell Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, Judge Rhodes and all the banker / corporate looters. . .

“Hands Off Our Pensions!”

“Stop the Shutoffs – Turn the Water Back On!”

“NO to Privatization!”

“Make the Banks Pay!”

The final trial in Detroit’s bankruptcy has been postponed to September 2, 2014. After one year of threats, maneuvering and fixed voting, the court is going to make a final decision on the “plan of adjustment” that will make sure that the biggest banks get paid off. Retirees will have pensions cut 25% to 50% so that no banker goes hungry.

Water shutoffs have affected tens of thousands throughout Detroit in preparation to selling off the water department to private investors. This will end in higher water rates for everybody. Other city services and assets are deteriorating or being privatized.

Join us to make sure the voice of the people is heard!

Car pooling being organized: If you need a ride or can share a ride, please visit  or call 202-957-3845 and sign up by Aug. 27.

Endorsed by: Moratorium NOW Coalition, Stop Theft of Our Pensions Committee, We the People of Detroit, Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association, People’s Water Board

For more information, call 313-680-5508

To endorse, call 248-470-0296 or email endorsement to

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