Oct 262013

On Wed 10.23 Hundreds of people took to the streets around the Federal Courthouse sending a strong message of SOLIDARITY about the filing of Detroit’s Bankruptcy and the illegitimacy of Emergency Management.

Let’s Do It Again!

Send Snyder Packing!

Protest Emergency Management and Illegal Bankruptcy!

Monday, October 28, NOON

Levin Federal Courthouse, 231 West Lafayette, Detroit

Called by the National Action Network-Detroit

And earlier in the day:

9 am Rally, 231 West Lafayette, Detroit

NAN Demo - Mon-10-28-13-600px

What: Kevyn Orr and Rick Snyder testimony at Detroit’s bankruptcy eligibility hearing.
Where: Federal Court Building, 231 West Lafayette
When: Monday, October 28, 9am Rally and March at Noon
Who: All Hands on Deck! All Detroiters and supporters of equity and democracy. This decision will impact our schools, our land, our homes and pensions, our resources and our democracy.
Why: The world, the nation and our region are witnessing the holes in the story of Detroit’s Bankruptcy and the illegitimate rule by Emergency Management as the eligibility of the largest U.S. municipal bankruptcy filing is determined by Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge Stephen W. Rhodes. On Monday, October 28th the ongoing bankruptcy eligibility hearing continues with Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr returning to the stand and Governor Rick Snyder scheduled to testify.

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management
313.782.DREM(3736) – d-rem.org


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