Eviction halted!

from People Before Banks

In response to an emergency plea for help, neighbors in Detroit’s Rosedale Park rallied early Hallowe’en morning, Oct. 31, to defend Jerry and Gail Cullors, her 88-year-old ailing mother, and their daughter from being brutally evicted from their home by Bank of America and Fannie Mae. The bailiff planned to throw all their belongings into the dreaded dumpster that had just been parked next to their home.

Family didn’t know where to turn…

Jerry Cullors is a truck driver who recently had to take a wage cut so steep that he had trouble paying the mortgage written by Countrywide, the predatory lender owned by Bank of America. The bank gaven them a runaround about a trial modification, and they got left in the lurch by “experts” they had counted on.

While Eviction Defense rushed to the court to file an emergency motion, a crowd gathered at the house, facing police who, as soon as more dumpsters arrived, threatened to arrest anyone who tried to keep the wrecking crew from entering the home. But at that moment, the Judge sent official word that the eviction was halted, pending a hearing on Nov. 13.

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