Wayne County Commissioners resolution in support of Jerome Jackson, passed June 7, 2012


No. 2012-336

By Commissioner Scott

WHEREAS, Jerome Jackson, paraplegic since age 14, is facing eviction from his Inkster home; and

WHEREAS, there will be a hearing on his foreclosure eviction this afternoon, Thursday, June 7, 2012, in Inkster’s 22nd District Court; and

WHEREAS, ten years ago, Jerome Jackson was living in an apartment in downtown Detroit and receiving support and assistance from Community Living Services (CLS), an Agency that receives funding from Wayne County.  In 2004, with assistance provided by CLS, Mr. Jackson was able to secure a mortgage with PNC Bank; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Jackson’s monthly mortgage payment including taxes and insurance was $900 per month.  Mr. Jackson’s only income was SSI at little more than $600 per month and as such, he depended heavily on the assistance provided to him from CLS to meet his monthly mortgage obligation; and

WHEREAS, Jerome Jackson lived in his home in Inkster since 2004, paying his agreed upon share of the mortgage.  In 2009, however, Mr. Jackson stopped receiving mortgage assistance from CLS.  As Mr. Jackson was not able to meet his monthly mortgage obligation without the continued assistance of CLS, the mortgage went into default; and

WHEREAS, the collapse of the housing bubble and the subsequent decline in housing values since 2008 has imperiled communities across the country and created a crisis of blight, tax loss, and demoralization;

Now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Wayne County Commission this 7th day of June, 2012 does hereby urge all parties to the eviction of Jerome Jackson to Stay the Proceedings pending review by the County of the matter as it relates to the County’s contract with CLS; and be it further

RESOLVED, that Fannie Mae and PNC Bank are encouraged to work with Mr. Jackson to obtain a mortgage modification reflective of his income.


original copy of resolution

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