Stop the Foreclosure of Ken Greene

Teamster Member & Family Face Illegal Eviction

Fill the Courtroom at 27th District Court, Wyandotte
(2015 Biddle Avenue in Wyandotte)

Friday, June 29th, at 8:30 am

Ken Greene’s parents bought their home in Wyandotte more than 70 years ago.  Ken and his wife became owners 30 years ago and raised their family in the home; his wife passed there.  Ken’s son is an active-duty Marine who is home on leave before assignment overseas.  This is his home.

Now Chase Bank and Freddie Mac are attempting to foreclose and evict Mr. Greene.   Ken Greene refinanced with Chase years ago and made his payment each month until 2008, when the financial crash caused by Chase and other big banks brought the economy down. Ken Greene lost his job but used his savings to make reduced monthly payments.  He continued to look for a job while contacting  Chase to work on a loan modification.

Ken thought his problems were solved when he found a new job, but Chase had never bothered to tell him that they were proceeding to foreclosure and sheriff’s sale. State law requires the bank to inform borrowers of their right to be reviewed for loan modification, but Chase neglected this obligation and failed to carry out the legally required review.  Mr. Greene had no idea that his home had gone to sheriff’s sale.

In the Spring of 2010, Freddie Mac paid Chase the full value of the loan using our tax dollars, and then late in the year began court proceedings to evict Ken Greene from his home.  Mr. Greene fought the eviction in Wyandotte District Court, and the Court agreed that Chase and Freddie Mac had failed to provide Mr. Greene with the required notices and an opportunity to be reviewed for loan modification.  In the spring of 2011, the parties agreed to dismissal of the complaint, and Freddie Mac and Chase agreed to review Ken Greene for a loan modification.

Ken Greene works full time as a truck driver for the City of Detroit. As a member of the Teamsters Union, he has received regular raises on his job and can afford to make a modified payment on his loan. On six different occasions over the last year, he has provided all requested information to Chase Bank for the modification review, but Chase Bank informed Mr. Greene a few weeks ago that he did not qualify because the “investor” who had purchased the home did not participate in loan modifications!  Mr. Greene wouldn’t qualify anyway, according to Chase.  The bank refused to identify the investor and will not divulge the calculations that would disqualify Mr. Greene— even though the law requires that they do so.

Now Chase Bank and Freddie Mac have moved to reinstate the foreclosure and to evict Mr. Greene from his home.  Mr. Greene and his supporters say NO!  Join us at the eviction hearing this Friday, June 29, at 27th District Court in Wyandotte.  We are demanding that the sheriff’s sale be set aside and that Chase Bank obey the law and provide Mr. Greene and his family with proper notices, a loan modification review, and a loan modification which will allow Mr. Green and his family to stay in their home.

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