Stop the Eviction of the Murrays

Help Beverly And Matthew Murray Save Their Home

Don’t Let Bank Of America Deprive Another Family Of Their Home

Beverly and Matthew Murray reside at 733 Blackfoot Ct., Coldwater, MI 49036 with their children. Like so many others in Michigan and across the country, they were lured into a sub-prime predatory loan.[break]

The Murrays tried to work with the bank for a reasonable loan modification to no avail. During this same time period the Murrays’ minor daughter became gravely ill based upon an undetected Type I diabetes medical condition. The Murrays needed a reasonable modification even more, due to excessive medical bills resulting from their daughter’s hospitalization and subsequent ongoing medical care. Instead, as a result of a disputed wrongful foreclosure, the Murrays face the immediate loss of their home. The courts have ruled against the Murrays, and they are facing imminent eviction.[break]

During the course of litigation, Mr. & Mrs. Murray paid over $35,000.00 into a court escrow account, diligently paying the monthly payment of $2500.00 per month. This is higher than any reasonable modification amount.[break]

Bank of America received over 7 billion dollars in federal funding to carry ou modifications to “help” borrowers, yet Bank of America has never even attempted to work out anything with the Murrays despite their numerous requests for a modification. Unfortunately, the Murrays are not alone. Families are thrown out daily because Bank of America refuses to work with borrowers for reasonable modifications while their homes are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property values, like the Murrays home. This conduct must be stopped.[break]

What you can do:[break]

Call and email Bank of America Executives to demand they stop the eviction of the Murrays and negotiate a loan modification. The Murrays’ loan number is 023732976.

Office of the CEO & President for Mortgages:  1-877-877-2670

Email Bank of America President Brian T. Moynihan at

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