Judge Rhodes and Emergency Manager Orr plan to starve us and make us lose our homes. We will never agree to our own destruction. Make the banks pay!

Vote NO! to the “Plan of Adjustment”

Vote NO! to inhuman pension cut

Vote NO! to paying the banks 75 -100 %

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Federal Judge Steven Rhodes, in cahoots with the biggest banks, plan to make retirees and those who depend on us, city workers and residents pay for the bankers’ criminal actions – without which there would not be a financial crisis in Detroit.

Rhodes agreed April 11 to give $85 million to Bank of America and UBS after Detroit already paid $300 million. The Water Dept. paid another $527 million to settle with criminal bankers. These same banks are being sued by the Federal government for criminal banking practices. BofA’s top officer for municipal debt is now in jail!

Judge Rhodes attacked the unions and retirees for our public protests against their plan to victimize those who can least afford it. Under the Plan of Adjustment most bank debt will be repaid at 75-100 cents on the dollar.

Orr and Rhodes will take care of their Wall Street pals while pronouncing a death sentence on tens of thousands of retirees.

Haven’t high unemployment, underemployment, utility shutoffs, dismantling of social programs and cuts in food stamps hit Detroiters hard enough? Now Wall Street’s solution is to squeeze blood from 50,000 more.

Adequate food, free education, decent housing, real living wages and pensions after a lifetime of contributing to society are human rights. The $95 million Orr is spending on do-nothing consultants could have provided jobs to 3,000 Detroit youth at $15/hour fixing the streets and repairing abandoned homes.

When the courts side with Wall Street demanding we vote for our own destruction, all we have left is MASS ACTION. We must get out into the streets again and again in greater numbers to let them know we will not allow Detroit to function over our corpses. When you get a ballot – vote NO!

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