Protest Bankers’ & Corporations’ Continued Looting of Detroit

“Economic Resurgence” is a LIE

Protest Bankers’ & Corporations’ Continued Looting of Detroit

Demonstration – March 2 – 1 P.M.

Motor City Casino Hotel

Temple St. & Brooklyn St., Detroit, MI 48201

(One block south and west of 2901 Grand River, Detroit, MI 48201  –  see map)

The 2017 Detroit Policy Conference sponsored by the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce is being held at the Motor City Casino on March 2nd. The very banks and corporations that faked the Detroit bankruptcy and then looted over $7 Billion from workers’ and retirees’ pension funds, health care and other benefits to pay themselves off are now going to wine and dine. They plan to “celebrate Detroit’s ongoing economic resurgence.”

The only resurgence is to their profits. Unemployment continues at record levels. Tens of thousands of foreclosures have decimated our neighborhoods. Public schools are being shut down while failing private charter schools are encouraged. Retirees will never recover from the theft of their pensions and health care. Water shutoffs for thousands of poor people go forward while the water keeps flowing to corporate scofflaws. Public funds are handed to build private stadiums. The Federal government is still investigating the “blight removal” task force and Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans. Mayor Duggan covers up for all these corporate crooks while he refuses to use hundreds of millions of dollars of Federal “Hardest Hit Homeowner” funds to keep people in their homes. Leave downtown and drive through the neighborhoods to see the poverty and devastation the politicians, bankers and corporate big wigs have caused.

For more information: 313-680-5508

Sponsored by: Moratorium Now Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs (; Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice; Detroit Active & Retired Employees Association; Workers World Party;


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