Pack the Bankruptcy Court – Monday, July 21, 9:30am

Jones Day and the DWSD will be back in Bankruptcy Court on Monday to attempt once again to explain to Judge Rhodes the water department’s policy to help Detroitters who are unable to pay their  water bills. The hearing starts at 10 AM.

Pack Bankruptcy Court

Monday, July 21, 9:30 AM

231 W. Lafayette, Detroit

From City of Detroit Retiree Cecily McClellan:

The issues related to DWSD and the pension are tie-barred. This is due to the 500,000 million given to the banks instead of maintenance of the water system infrastructure, which impacts the stability of DWSD.  DWSD pays over 40 % into the pension system and has been identified as the major contributor to GRS pension fund in the 4th plan of adjustment.  The stability of DWSD will affect all pensions, particularly future pensions.  As Yvonne often states current pensions are not under funded (see pensions annual report and CARF- prior to the Dictator Orr’s manipulation of numbers) funds are there for current retirees. National media will be there in numbers, they expect the actual results to the vote to be published. Don’t be surprised or discouraged an immediate appeal is anticipated. See you at federal court and pass the word.

From City of Detroit Retiree Belinda Myers-Florence:

We need to be there in front of the media to tell about the injustices being done to us.  1. The loss of our medical insurance.   Which recently, by the way in Illinois, was upheld as a retirement benefit.  2 The loss of our cost of living for the future.  3. The 4.5% reduction in our pension checks.  4.  The claw back of hundreds of thousands of dollars with 6.75 % interest rate attached to it.  It is past time to speak up against these unconscionable acts aimed at retirees.  No lights, no water for citizens what in the heck is next? They are attempting to steamroll civil servants to agree to contracts that are not fair nor in their best interest. We have got to rise and force this train to a screeching halt.

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