International Workers Day – Detroit – NO BUSINESS AS USUAL

May Day Rally
Hart Plaza
Jefferson & Woodward, Detroit

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  • Removal of the racist, anti-democratic, anti-worker, pro-bank Emergency Managers from Michigan cities and schools
  • Defeat of the “Plan of Adjustment” that destroys pensions and loots city assets.
  • Banks pay for destroying Detroit neighborhoods and jobs.
  • Full support for Public Education and termination of the failed Education Achievement Authority. No to charter schools.
  • NO tax giveaways to Illitch, Gilbert, and their ilk.
  • Stop gentrification and the removal of poor and working people from Detroit.
  • Restore and increase state revenue sharing.
  • Jobs for all. With 60% Detroit youth unemployment—Hire youth to rebuild the neighborhoods. Rebuild and repair infrastructure.
  • Money for People Not for War.  Stop U.S. intervention in Ukraine, Syria, and Venezuela.
  • Moratorium on all Bank and Tax Foreclosures and Evictions, and Utility Shutoffs—No water shutoffs for people. Housing and water are Human Rights!
  • Public control of public spaces—the “commons”.
  • No giveaway of public assets, including the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), to corporations and private foundations.
  • End to attacks on women’s reproductive rights.
  • Increase in the minimum wage to $15 and an end to falling wages and unequal two-tier pay schemes— $7.45 is not enough.
  • Stop the attacks on the LGBTQ community. Uphold  marriage equality.
  • Stop the attacks on communities and people of color.
  • System change NOT climate change – No to tar sands, fracking, pet coke.
  • Stop deportations and attacks on immigrants and undocumented workers.
  • Stop police brutality.  No to racial profiling.
  • Repeal “Right-to-Work”.
  • Overturn Public Act 436 and restore democracy.

May Day-Detroit supported by: Building Movement Detroit; Central United Methodist Church, Rev. Edwin Rowe; Change Agent Consortium; Cities of Peace; Citizens For Highland Park Schools; Cooperative Economics; Creative Hood Research; Critical Moment; Detroit Communicator; Detroit Eviction Defense; Detroit Green Party; Detroit People’s Platform; DPS Education Task Force; First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit, Lee Gaddies; Free Detroit/No Consent; Feedom Freedom Growers; International Socialist Organization; James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership; Keep Detroit Growing; Library Committee; Michigan Citizen; Michigan Forward; Michigan Welfare Rights Organization; Moratorium NOW! Coalition; National Action Network; National Lawyers Guild; Project Save Detroit; Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development; Sacred Heart Church, Father Norman P. Thomas; Simmons’ Hush House; Slowdown/Raiz Up; Social Justice Chair; St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Detroit, Pastor Bill Wylie-Kellerman; Sugar Law Center; Team for Justice; Uprooting Racism Planting Justice; We The People of Detroit

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