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JACKSON COUNTY (WILX)– A former Detroit teacher is on the verge of losing his home.

S. Baxter Jones lives in Jackson County and is facing eviction because after receiving a brain injury he fell behind on his payments. Saturday, he and 20 others rallied outside his bank asking for a second chance to save his home.

“I was a middle school teacher and coach at Fisher Middle School. I was active in the community. I worked with kids and it was my passion. Now I’m not being given the opportunity to stay in my home because of my unfortunate circumstances,” said Jones.

If you wish to donate to Jones Click Here Contact Moratorium Now! and mention that you want to donate to Baxter Jones.

Jones lost almost everything after becoming severely disabled in a car crash in 2005 including his job. One of the few thing’s he has left is his home, and now the bank is foreclosing on that as well. Jones is on disability, getting social security, and is working with children in his neighborhood to make money for his bills, but it hasn’t been enough to pay off his home loans.

“It was what I worked for. I love my home and I want to stay there,” said Jones.

Rallying on the street, Baxter is a man who has run out of options. He’s asking the bank to understand his situation and wants to negotiate a deal that would mean keeping his home.

“He’s gone to taking it to the streets and talking to people. He’s letting people know what’s going on,” said Desmond Jones, a friend of Jones.

Rallying with Baxter, the “Moratorium Now! Coalition” says they will do whatever they can to help him keep his home.

“We will sometimes picket banks, sit in banks, or put blocking dumpsters in front of homes. We’re prepared to do what is necessary to keep people in their homes,” said member of Moratorium Now! David Sole.

Jones has not been able to live in his home in the past 6 months because of his disabilities, he is currently staying with friends in Detroit. If his home is not foreclosed in the near future Jones hopes to move back this summer and start fixing things up so he can get around the house better.

“I want to keep my house. I know modifications will have to be made, but I really want to stay there.”

If you would like to help Baxter Jones you can send a donation to the “Moratorium Now Coalition”

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