May 062014

Inspired by the Moral Mondays Movement in North Carolina where the people are resisting right-wing attacks on voting rights and women’s reproductive rights, and cuts to social services.May Day-Jefferson Ave blockade1

Endorsed by Moratorium NOW! Coalition,  National Action Network-Detroit Chapter,   Detroit Eviction Defense,   Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management,  We the People of Detroit

Detroiters: Are you sick of being kicked around by bankers, corporate bosses, their politicians and judges?

  • Emergency Dictator – loss of our voting rights
  • Attack on city workers’ pensions/benefits
  • Cuts to city services
  • Privatization – giving fat contracts to political cronies & “consultants”
  • Tax giveaways to the banks and corporations

Friday – May 16 – 4:00pm
231 W. Lafayette St., Detroit

Gather outside the Federal Courthouse for a rally and speak out against the many attacks on our democratic rights and our city services, the plans to steal city assets, the plot to rob city workers’ pensions and benefits and the massive privatization and union busting. It’s time for the workers and community to take back Detroit and demand jobs for our youth at living wages, full pensions and medical coverage for retirees, restoration of union wages and benefits for city workers.  We want this to become a weekly event for all groups and individuals who want to fight back!


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