Forum: Behind the Detroit Crisis, Sat., May 10, 5 PM

Workers World Forum
Behind the Detroit Crisis: Global Capitalist Austerity and the Socialist Solution

Saturday, May 10
5:00 PM
5920 Second Ave. Detroit 48202
(at Antoinette, a couple of blocks north of WSU Law School)

Workers World Forum-austerity May10-leaflet picWhy is Detroit’s working class under attack? How are the banks at fault? What is the role of the capitalist state? What is the “Plan of Adjustment” and how is it part of capitalist restructuring?

How are the attacks impacting workers, retirees, youth and the community? How will the outcome of the bankruptcy affect the rest of the country? What are the worldwide implications?

What is austerity, also known as neoliberalism? How are the workers of the world resisting it?

What would a socialist Detroit look like?

Panel discussion:
Hear city retirees, unemployed youth, and other activists resisting finance capital’s destruction of our city.

  • Debbie Johnson, Moratorium Now!
  • Cheryl Labash, Detroit city retiree and organizer with Stop the Theft of Our Pensions Committee
  • Abayomi Azikiwe, Contributing Editor, Workers World and Editor, Pan-African Newswire
  • Tom Michalak, youth group Detroit FIST—Fight Imperialism, Stand Together

Dinner will be served before the program. Free and open to the public—donations welcome

For more info contact Workers World Party, 313-459-0777,

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