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Bus being organized to the March on Wall Street South – Charlotte, North Carolina

Bus is being organized by the Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Departure: Saturday evening, Sept. 1

Return to Detroit,  Sunday evening, Sept. 2.

Ticket price (round trip): $100

Call 313-680-5508 to reserve a seat.

The ticket price  a lot of money, especially in these times,  and not everyone can afford the price of a ticket.  Moratorium NOW! will do its best to offer financial aid to those that want to go but cannot afford the full price.  If you can, please consider a donation to help subsidize the cost of the bus.

Donate with WePay

Message from the Coalition for the March on Wall Street South

In just two short months, thousands will fill the streets of Charlotte for the March on Wall Street South. There are many different struggles and issues that will bring people to this demonstration, but we will all march together united. We are tired of the injustices being committed against our communities, fed up with the two parties representing the big banks and the corporations and not the people, we want an economy that meets human needs, and we know that we need to build independent people’s power from below to build the world that we deserve!

We will gather at 11am for an opening rally at Frazier Park in Charlotte, NC and then step off for the march at 1pm. It will all be happening on Sunday, September 2, right before the start of the Democratic National Convention.

Get involved today to help make it a success! Here are a few things you can do today:  Read more…

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