Oct 022016

Demonstrate in Support of the Charlotte Uprising

Tuesday,     Oct. 4,       4 PM

Bank of America – Guardian Building

500 Griswold St, Detroit, MI


Responding to an urgent call from organizers on the front lines against police murder, Detroit will be standing in solidarity with the Charlotte Uprising! These courageous North Carolina activists and community members have been struggling against police murder for nearly two weeks, and are facing increased arrests and police repression. Now is the time to show our solidarity!

Call to Action from Charlotte Uprising

charlotte_uprising-logoOn September 20th, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police killed Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled Black father who deserved to live. People have taken to the streets of Charlotte every day and every night to demand an end to the war on Black lives and Black communities. People on the ground continue to be met with police repression from the police murder of Justin Carr in the protests to the use of tear gas in crowds to the issuing of warrants for the arrests of people who have livestreamed from the frontlines.

Led by Black, queer & trans organizers & accomplices, the Charlotte Uprising has tirelessly inspired people to resist state violence and dream of new possibilities beyond the current conditions we live in. Freedom fighters in Charlotte are now calling on freedom fighters everywhere to host coordinated actions on Tuesday, October 4, which will mark two weeks since Keith’s murder.

Eleven days into the Uprising and Charlotte is still bubbling with righteous rage and energy. We see this rage and energy connecting cities across the country–from Tulsa, OK to San Diego, CA where communities are lifting up the names of Terrence Crutcher and Alfred Olango, both Black men killed by police. Black people are being criminalized, killed, and abused by the police state everywhere. We raise Charlotte’s struggle and demands alongside those of Black communities across the country fighting against the structure whose murderous shootings are what we deem modern day lynchings. Let our actions show solidarity with the resistance in Charlotte, as well as demanding an end to the anti-Black, classist, gender-policing system of police and prisons that holds so much power over our lives everywhere.

While recent uprisings have immediately followed the murders of Black men, it must not be lost on us that our resistance is in response to the same system that is killing Black women and femmes via police violence, criminalization of Black motherhood & self-defense, and the perpetuation of sexual violence. We must say the names of Korryn Gaines, Sandra Bland, Mya Hall, and the countless Black women and femmes whose deaths must invoke outrage and responsibility.

For folks in North Carolina, come to Charlotte! For folks elsewhere, organize an action–whether it be a rally, march, street theater performance, or turn up–to pull out your communities in solidarity with Charlotte, with Tulsa, with San Diego, with every city where Black folks are rising up and demanding strange fruit no more!


Follow the Facebook event page for specific details for Charlotte and actions in other cities. Submit information about your city’s action on www.charlotteuprising.com

Endorsed by Moratorium NOW! Coalition, Detroit Active & Retired Employees Association, Workers World Party

For more info, please call: (313)671-3715


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Sep 272016


Wednesday, October 5, 12 Noon


Wayne County Treasurer’s Office
400 Monroe (near Greektown, Detroit)


Since the beginning of this year, the State of Michigan received an additional $260 million in Hardest Hit Homeowner Funds from the federal government. While the stated purpose of these funds, which are the people’s share of the federal bank bailout, is to keep families in their homes, the state has allocated $231 million for blight removal, leaving only $47 million to pay off delinquent property tax bills and mortgage arrearages to keep people in their homes.

While this is outrageous, even $47 million used for tax foreclosure relief would be enough to stop the residential tax foreclosures and massive evictions as a result scheduled to happen this October. But Gov. Snyder’s MSHDA which administer the funds has made it almost impossible for families get to these funds! In contrast, according to the Special Inspector General, there is no supervision over how the blight programs are run, and now the Detroit Land Bank and Blight Taskforce are under investigation for criminal fraud for their misuse of these funds.

With these Federal funds available, there is no excuse for any Detroit resident to be losing their home as a result of a tax foreclosure, or face a water shut-off which is an effective eviction. The Wayne County Treasurer, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department and the Great Lakes Water Authority should declare immediate moratoriums (halts) on evictions resulting from tax foreclosures and water shut-offs.

The moratoriums would avert the humanitarian crisis of thousands more Detroiters losing their homes. It would allow time to ensure that adequate Hardest Hit Homeowner funds are diverted back to their intended purpose, to keep people in their homes. It would allow for a community taskforce to develop a plan to remove the bureaucratic restrictions imposed by MSHDA on release and use of these funds by families that need them the most. And it would provide time for all Detroiters to have their homes reassessed so property tax bills are based on the true value of the homes as required by law, and for all seniors and other residents to be evaluated for hardship exemptions to which they may be entitled.

Using Helping Hardest Hit Funds to pay delinquent property taxes and water bills would actually pump money into the government agencies which in turn can be used to fight blight and everything else. The banks that caused the blight through their predatory lending policies resulting in 65000 foreclosures in the late 2000’s should be made to pay for its removal.


Issued by: Moratorium Now Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs
moratorium-mi.org                  313-680-5508

Hardest Hit Funds Fact Sheet

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Aug 302016

Say NO to TRUMP in Detroit Sept 3

From the facebook page: Protest Donald Trump in Detroit:

Trump will visit Great Faith Ministries International church, 10735 Grand River, corner of Oakman Blvd., Detroit, in the old Federal’s Department Store this Saturday (Sept. 3) at 10:00 am.

Pastor W. J. Rideout (pastor for D-15, the Detroit $15 an hour movement) has told several media sources that he plans to organize an anti-Trump protest and urges any and all Metro Detroiters to join with him.

“I think he’s a racist, I think he’s a bigot and I think he doesn’t have a care for human kind,” Rideout said about Trump in the Detroit News.



Comment on this Facebook Page to report which organizations (labor, community, faith-based, etc.) that you know WILL BE THERE.

Join the Anti-Trump, Stop the Hate Protest
Saturday, Sept. 3, 10:00 am
Great Faith Ministries
10735 Grand River, at Oakman Blvd., Detroit

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Aug 062016

Demonstration – Oppose Trump

Monday, August 8, 10:30 am

Cobo Center, Detroit

No Trump, No Racism, No Fascism, No Muslim and immigrant Attacks, No Police Violence and War - Unite

Numerous groups, including various unions, have called for a demonstration against Trump when he speaks to members of the Detroit Economic Club at the Cobo Center in Detroit. The Detroit Economic Club is an organization of corporate and banking “leaders”, as well as their agents and apologists.

Join with others on Monday to oppose Trump and his racism, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, immigrant bashing, and general hatred of a united multinational and multiracial working class.

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Aug 022016

BarBQ-grillerCome One – Come All
Summer Bar-B-Q

Saturday, August 20, 2 PM ‘til 6 PM

5920 Second Avenue, Detroit
(at Antoinette St., N of WSU)

Activists and supporters in the fight against foreclosures and water shutoffs; Black Lives Matter protesters and anti-war demonstrators; LGBTQ rights advocates and retirees fighting for their pensions. Our struggles continue – but we will take a moment for good food, good company and good music.

Hosted by Moratorium NOW! Coalition, Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI), Workers World Party, Fight Imperialism/Stand Together (FIST), Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association (DAREA) and other Detroit-area activists.

For more info: 313-680-5508


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Jun 162016


March Against Racism, Islamophobia,
Attacks on Immigrants and on LGBTQ people and Endless War!

Build Peoples Resistance!

Sunday, July 17, 4 PM

3615 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115-2514
(Site of last session of People’s Convention for Peace & Justice)

MARCH to City Hall and the RNC Convention Center

Co-sponsored by Solidarity Center NYC, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement, Peoples Power Assemblies NYC, Peoples Power Assembly Balt, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, International Action Center

Endorsed by Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Milwaukee Anti-War Committee, People’s Opposition to War, Imperialism and Racism (POWIR), Students for a Democratic Society at College of DuPage, United Workers Organization of Wisconsin, Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association (DAREA), Minnie Bruce Pratt, UAW Local 1981/ National Writers Union* for id only, United National Antiwar Coalition, Muslims for Social Justice.

To endorse, send email to NoTrumpRNC@gmail.com

For more details, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/355737317883511/

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Jun 142016

Stop Tax Foreclosures & Water Shut-Offs

Demonstrate Thursday June 23, 12 Noon

Wayne County Treasurer’s Office
400 Monroe (Greektown) Detroit

Instead of using FEDERAL HELPING HARDEST HIT HOMEOWNERS FUNDS to keep people in their homes with running water – the politicians are using that money to TEAR HOUSES DOWN!

Demo at Treasurer2 3-31-15 650px

On June 1, 2016, the State of Michigan got a new grant of $188 million in Helping Hardest Hit Homeowner Funds from the federal government. While the purpose of these funds is to keep families in their homes, only 26% of the $188 ($49 million), is planned for foreclosure prevention including preventing tax foreclosures. The rest is going for “blight removal”.

While this is outrageous, even $49 million used for tax foreclosure relief would be enough to stop the residential tax foreclosures scheduled to go into effect June 30. But they make it almost impossible for people to apply for and get this money! WAYNE COUNTY SHOULD PLACE AN IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM to HALT THESE FORECLOSURES TO ALLOW PEOPLE TIME TO GET ACCESS TO THESE FUNDS AND STAY IN THEIR HOMES! There is plenty of legal precedent for a foreclosure moratorium dating back to the 1930’s. But confronted with the demand for a Moratorium, Wayne County treasurer Eric Sabree’s aids said the “bondholders wouldn’t like it.”

Mayor Duggan and Corporation Counsel Butch Hollowell are lying when they say that federal law determines how the Helping Hardest Hit Funds are used. MSHDA recently admitted that as the state Housing Finance Authority, they make the decision how the funds are used. MSHDA simply needs to put into effect a 13th amendment for use of the funds to insure ALL THE HELPING HARDEST HIT FUNDS ARE USED TO STOP RESIDENTS OF TAX FORECLOSED PROPERTIES FROM BEING EVICTED, AND TO PAY DELINQUENT RESIDENTIAL WATER BILLS WHICH AMOUNT TO A CONSTRUCTIVE EVICTION.

Only the politicians running our city, county and state can’t see the obvious — using Helping Hardest Hit Funds to pay delinquent property taxes and water bills would pump money into these government agencies which in turn can be used to fight blight and everything else. The banks that caused the blight should be made to pay for its removal. And why are federal funds being turned over to a blight task force laced with corruption, led by a sub-prime lender (Gilbert) who is being sued by the Justice Department for costing people their homes through the misappropriation of FHA dollars. And why is the Detroit Land Bank spending government funds to defend corrupt officials against a criminal probe into their misuse of the Hardest Hit Funds?

Moratorium Now Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs

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Jun 042016

Make GM Pay!

Demonstrate at Shareholders Meeting

Ren Cen (GM Headquarters), Jefferson Ave., Detroit

June 7, 9 AM

Demo-GM-June 2016

Flint Lives Matter!
Justice for injured workers, from Colombia to India!
Unsafe vehicles caused 124+ deaths in the U.S.!
Make GM Pay!

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May 192016

Occupy the PGA

Support Rev. Pinkney and the People of Benton Harbor

Saturday, May 28

Benton Harbor, Michigan

Bus departs Detroit 7:00 am sharp

Demonstration starts at 11 am at Benton Harbor City Hall, 200 East Wall St., Benton Harbor, MI

Rev Pinkney demo-650px


Bus transportation from Detroit has been organized. The departure time is 7 am sharp. Begin gathering at 6:30 am at 5920 Second Ave., Detroit, MI. The round trip ticket cost is $30. Financial support is available and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please call 313-680-5508 to reserve a seat or more information.

For details and background information, please visit:

Occupy the PGA 2016

Mumia Abu-Jamal: ‘Free Reverend Pinkney!’

‘Occupy PGA’ tackles racism, dictatorial rule

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May 142016


Wednesday, May 18, 1:00 pm

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department Board Meeting
735 Randolph, Detroit, MI


Demand an Immediate Moratorium on All Tax Foreclosures and Water Shutoffs!

Demand NO Dumping of Poisonous Fracking Waste into Detroit’s Sewer System and Neighborhoods!

The federal government announced this week that Michigan will be receiving an additional $188 million in Helping Hardest Hit Homeowner funds, on top of the $74 million the state received earlier this year. The purpose for these funds is supposed to be to help families stay in their homes. But they are being illegally diverted to “blight removal.”

  • We must demand that these funds be used to pay overdue property tax bills, so no families face eviction as a result of tax foreclosure.
  • We must demand that these funds also be used to pay overdue water bills, so no families face water shut-offs, which are really an eviction.
  • We must demand that US Ecology not be allowed to dump poisonous and radioactive industrial waste into Detroit’s sewer system and into Detroit neighborhoods. We must say no to environmental racism.

The government intends on turning the Helping Hardest Hit Homeowner funds over to Gilbert’s “blight task force” to tear down homes rather than keep families in their homes as these funds are intended to do.

Gilbert, the banks and the financial institutions caused the blight through their fraudulent and predatory mortgage practices. And the banks extorted $537 million from the water department to pay off interest rate swindles. Then the mass water shutoffs began.

Demand the banks pay to remove the blight they caused!

Demand the financial institutions repay the DWSD for their swap swindle, using the funds to set up an affordable rate plan!

Click here to download leaflet: Demo-Demand_MORATORIUM_ON_TAX FORECLOSURES_WATER_SHUTOFFS


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