Teach-In on City Lab: Real Detroiters Speak Out!

Sunday October 28, 2018, 1:00-5:00pm

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Michigan Ave. at Trumbull

Please join the Moratorium NOW! Coalition and other community organizations on Sun. Oct. 28 for a Teach-In from 1:00-5:00pm on the actual situation facing hundreds of thousands of people who live in the city of Detroit.

There will be a mass demonstration after the Teach-In beginning at 5:00pm where participants will march from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church to the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel where the “City Lab Detroit” conference is being held.

This gathering will coincide with the beginning of the “City Lab Detroit” conference. City Lab is sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Atlantic and other ruling class oriented institutions which promote the agenda of Wall Street.

As Detroiters we know that it is the banks, multi-national corporations and their repressive bureaucratic agents which in effect run the city in the interests of ruling class billionaires. Despite its public relations rhetoric which claims that City Lab is concerned about improving conditions in urban areas, we witness on a daily basis the systematic dis-empowerment of the majority African American and working class population of Detroit.

The city has been underdeveloped by the financial institutions, the service sector and industrial plants. Over the last decade or more some 250,000 people have been forced out of Detroit through job losses, mortgage and property tax foreclosures, utility shut-offs involving water, heating and lighting, school closings and environmental degradation.

We have to build fightback movements which challenge the illegitimate right of the ruling class to govern at our expense by placing the interests of the masses at the forefront of any political and social program. We need to be organized at the grassroots levels to defeat the enemies which are continuously exploiting and repressing the people of Detroit and other municipalities throughout the state, the country and indeed the world.

The Teach-In will feature panel discussions exposing the role of Wall Street banks, local billionaires and the politicians bought and sold by them.

These are the topics to be examined:

I. An unprecedented wave of tax foreclosures of occupied homes, the largest since the Great Depression from 1929-1941;

II. Detroit is subjected to the immoral, inhumane and unwarranted mass water shutoffs along with the lead and copper poisoning of children in and out of the schools;

III. There is the destruction of public education by Lansing and the private sector through the imposition of debt, corruption and school closings;

IV. Multi-Billion dollar giveaways of public funds to the corporations at the expense of rebuilding the neighborhoods and public infrastructure of Detroit.

This event is free and open to the general public.

Sponsored by Moratorium NOW! Coalition
Contact: 313-671-3715

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