Special Meeting: Hear Jorge Parra on “The struggle for workers’ rights in Colombia”

Please join Moratorium Now! Coalition in welcoming back to Detroit

Jorge Parra

Fired injured GM autoworker leader of the Association of Injured Workers and Ex-Workers of GM Colombia—ASOTRECOL

7 PM, Monday, Oct. 5

5920 Second Ave., Detroit (near Antoinette)

Jorge Parra

The injured workers’ association—ASOTRECOL—is one of 10 finalists recently selected by Kalamazoo College for the 2015 Global Prize for Social Justice Leadership. The College is bringing its leader, Jorge Parra, to Michigan, giving him the opportunity to meet and reunite with all his supporters in Detroit!

The fired, injured GM workers recently entered the 5th year of their protest encampment at the US Embassy in Bogota. Their non-violent actions, including hunger strikes with lips sewn shut, are sparking a movement. On Mon. 9/21 300 fired injured workers marched 3 hours from the airport to their tent at the embassy demanding justice!

When Jorge was in Detroit from 2012-13 he was always there to show solidarity with people fighting for justice. He picketed PNC bank with our late friend Gerome Jackson. He went to Lansing to oppose “right-to-work.” Jorge demonstrated for Palestine. Now we need to give him a warm Detroit solidarity welcome.

HEAR – about ASOTRECOL’S successes

CELEBRATE – their fight for injured workers’ rights

DONATE – help sustain the ASOTRECOL encampment! (unable to attend? Please donate online: www.asotrecol.org)


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