Mar 222015

Demand a moratorium (halt) on all tax foreclosures and evictions from occupied homes.

Release the Hardest Hit Homeowner Funds Now!

Save homes with OUR tax $…don’t destroy them!!

townhall2-03-14-15-picsSpeak at the Detroit City Council Meeting
Tuesday, March 24, 2015

9:00 am – Gather for a brief rally and press conference, Spirit of Detroit, Woodward at Jefferson, Detroit

9:30 am – Proceed to the City Council meeting on the 13th floor in the Erma Henderson Auditorium.  Each resident wishing to address the Council must sign up for a two minute time slot upon arrival.

After the City Council Meeting, March to the County Treasurer’s Office, 400 Monroe.

 For more info, see Moratorium on Foreclosures Fact Sheet


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