Real Detroiters Speakout – Thur., 6 PM

During the final week of October, 2017, the World Conference of Mayors is scheduled to meet in the city of Detroit. The conference taking place at MGM Grand Casino Hotel is designed to promote Detroit as a model for “urban revitalization.”

We invite all organizations in the City involved in the struggles against water shut-offs, foreclosures and evictions, police brutality, against union busting and for a living wage, immigrant rights, full access for people with disabilities, quality public education, deprivation of voting rights, and who are fighting racism, sexism and LGBTQ oppression in all its forms, to join the World Conference of Mayors, Real Detroiters Speak Out alternative People’s Summit that week at St. Matthew’s/St. Joseph’s Church at 8850 Woodward Ave.

The Speak-Out will fully expose the role of the banks, multi-national corporations, the business media and political comprador elites in perpetuating the super-exploitation of the people of Detroit. The majority African American, working class and poor residents of the city are being totally left out of the so-called “rebirth of Detroit.”

Detroit’s “rebirth” has meant that the public revenues generated through the process of taxation are being funneled to the capitalist corporations.

The People’s Summit will discuss a real agenda for the rebirth and rebuilding of our neighborhoods and communities. Real development in Detroit would focus on the rehabilitation of neighborhoods, the guaranteeing of jobs, housing, water services, heating and quality education for all. The banks who are responsible contributed for the destruction of our neighborhoods must be held accountable through criminal prosecution and the payment of reparations.

At the Real Detroiters Speak Out we will invite the mayors from across the world to come and hear from the people of Detroit. We will offer tours of our neighborhoods so the invitees will get an opportunity to see the corporate disaster imposed on the people of Detroit, and what the future holds for every major city if the banks get their way.

Join in building the Real Detroiters Speak Out during the World Conference of Mayors. Please let us know if your organization would like to be listed as an endorser of this event. Please respond via telephone to 313-319-0870 – or by email to

Initial conveners:

Moratorium Now! Coalition; Michigan Welfare Rights Organization; Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association (DAREA); Citizens with Challenges; Vanessa G. Fluker, anti-foreclosure attorney; Defenders of Truth & Justice organization,; Rev. W. J. Rideout III; Jean Vortkamp, co-producer, Looting Detroit; Elena Herrada, Tawanna Simpson, Detroit Public School Board in Exile; Reverend Edward Pinkney; Monica Patrick, We the People of Detroit; International Action Center; Detroit Green Party; Friends of Detroit City Airport; Beverly Kindle Walker; Detroit People’s Task Force, Inc.; Black Woman, Inc.; Defend Affordable Ypsi; Detroit/Michigan National Lawyers Guild chapter; Employment Research Associates; Juvenile Lifers without Parole Support Committee; Freedom Road Socialist Organization; Workers World Party.

Schedule of events

Monday, October 23rd: Birthday Bash for Rev. Pinckney
5920 Second Ave
7pm – 9pm

Tuesday, October 24th: Outreach
MGM Grand Casino & Hotel
1777 3rd Ave
11am – 3pm

Wednesday, October 25th: People’s Tour of Detroit
More info TBA

Thursday, October 26th: World Conference of Mayors: REAL DETROITERS SPEAK OUT
8850 Woodward Avenue
6pm – 9pm

Visit the Facebook event page for the latest schedule of activities for the week of Oct. 23 – Oct. 26.

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