The People Object! – 11 am – 2 pm, Tuesday, June 15, 2014

People’s Speakout Against the Emergency Manager’s “Plan of Adjustment”

July 15, 11 am to 2 pm

Across from Federal Bankruptcy Court
231 W. Lafayette, Detroit

May Day-banners-at-RenCen-5-1-14
Do you object to:

  • the Emergency Manager stealing our right to vote
  • the theft of public pensions
  • changing the face of Detroit by foreclosures, evictions and utility shut offs, including WATER
  • low wages and part time jobs
  • inadequate bus system
  • unemployment, privatization and more?

One hundred of the 600 official objectors will have 5 minutes in court — let’s tell our story and talk about our solutions in the street at a peoples’ assembly.

For more information contact Moratorium NOW!

email:           phone: 313-680-5508

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