Meeting: 25th anniversary of Lucasville, Ohio, prison rebellion

On the 25th anniversary of Lucasville, Ohio, prison rebellion

Free the Lucasville Five!

Video showing: “The Shadow of Lucasville”

Saturday, June 30, 3:00 PM

5920 Second Ave., Detroit, 48202

Hear from:

  • Lucasville defendant Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, calling from Ohio State Penitentiary death row
  • Released Lucasville defendant Mosi Paki
  • Michigan prisoner rights activists

April 11 marked the 25th anniversary start of the uprising at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio. The spark was the forcing of Muslim inmates to take a forbidden test for tuberculosis, but there were many grievances. Inmates were only allowed one phone call per year. There was overcrowding, inadequate food and medical care and frequent guard and guard-instigated violence. By the time the rebels surrendered nine inmate hostages and one guard were dead.

The 21-point agreement that ended the uprising promised no retaliation, but in fact the opposite happened. Several dozen inmates were scapegoated for the killing of officer Robert Vallandingham and/or the slain inmates and sentenced to long prison terms. Five — Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Keith Lamar, Namir Mateen, George Skatzes and Jason Robb — were given death sentences and remain on death row. No evidence was presented tying any of them to Vallandingham’s murder or other killings. In fact most were among the leaders who negotiated the surrender that prevented further loss of life.

The Lucasville Five are innocent! On the occasion of the Lucasville Uprising’s 25th anniversary, and out of concern that Keith Lamar could soon be given an execution date, they have reached out to concerned activists around the country to fight for the freedom of these political prisoners.

Please attend this important and informative public forum

For more infö call 216-534-6435 or 313-974-0501

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