Media Advisory: Surround the Detroit Federal Courthouse to Demand Banks Pay for Crisis, Wednesday, Oct. 23, 9:00 am

For Immediate Release

Media Advisory
Friday October 18, 2013

Event: Mass Demonstration Against Forced Bankruptcy
Location: 231 W. Lafayette at Washington Blvd., Federal Courthouse
Date: Wednesday October 23, Gather at 8:00 and March at 9:00 a.m.
Theme: Stop the Forced Bankruptcy, Make the Banks Pay!
Contact: Abayomi Azikiwe, 313-671-3715

Coalition Calls for Surrounding the Federal Courthouse to Oppose Forced Bankruptcy

Wednesday, October 23, will begin the trial to determine the eligibility of the Detroit bankruptcy filed by Gov. Rick Snyder through his emergency manager Kevyn Orr of Jones Day law firm. A cluster of organizations including the Moratorium NOW! Coalition, Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management, Stop the Theft of Our Pensions Committee and others are calling for a mass demonstration to surround the federal courthouse.

AFSCME is supporting this demonstration in defense of the jobs, salaries, benefits and pensions of their workers and retirees that are now under vicious attack by Snyder and Orr. A demonstration and speakout will provide voice to the locked out and exploited victims ofemergency mangement.

We are demanding that illegitimate debt payments to the banks which are strangling Detroit be cancelled. That there should be an immediate halt to attacks on city workers, pensions, benefits and union contracts by Snyder, Orr and their agents.

All efforts aimed at privatization of city jobs, services and assets must be stopped. The people of Detroit want the restoration of federal grant funds to serve residents under the control of City workers and not private corporations.

The wholesale mismanagement of the City of Detroit under gubernatorial dictatorship is indicative of the rapid decline in services and the morale of municipal employees and residents. Already $62 million has been looted by Jones Day and other incompetent Wall Street”consultants.” Many City of Detroit departments have been turned over to racists who openly call for violence against African Americans.

We want the restoration of the right to vote and decide on the future of Detroit. The failures of emergency management in the Detroit Public Schools is the fate that awaits municipal government.

October 23 has been declared an International Day of Solidarity With the People of Detroit. Delegations from around the United States will be traveling to the city in order to join us in our fight against the banks and corporations who have driven the city into financial ruin utilizing widespread foreclosures engendered by mortgage fraud and the usurious interest rates which residents are forced to pay to the financial institutions.

Now Snyder and Orr want to further enslave Detroit through another $350 million loan from Barclays designed to reward the banks for their interest rates swaps forced upon the City. Barclays was a central figure in the Libor interest-rigging scandal which was exposed in 2012.

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