Apr 212018

May Day Demonstration

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

3:30 PM

Clark Park
Clark Street and Vernor, Detroit, MI 48209

3:30 PM – Rally
4:30 PM – March
5:15 PM – Closing Rally
6:00 PM – End

Each of us – no matter our identity or the place of our birth – deserves clean & affordable water, housing, good iobs, & education, not jails, deportations, and war.

  • Disband ICE! No raids, no deportations!
  • No to lslamophobia!
  • No to racism, sexism, ableism, and LGBTQ oppression!
  • Money for iobs, housing, and education, not war!
  • No to imperialism, colonialism, and imperialist wars!
  • No more gentrification!
  • End police brutality!
  • Demilitarize police to demilitarize society!
  • Housing is a human right!
  • Water is a human right! Fix the pipes, end the water shut-offs!
  • No Union Busting! $15 Minimum Wage and a Union!
  • End right-to-work laws!
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work!
  • Abortion on demand, without apology!
  • Sex work is work!
  • Stop the Trump-Pence agenda!
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