Feb 092014

“Do you live where you want to live, or where you have to live?”

Anti-foreclosure fighters Jerome Jackson, Jerry and Gail Cullors, Baxter Jones, Robert Goss, Jennine Spencer, and Jennifer Britt will tell their stories, along with others fighting housing injustice.

Housing truth Forum-Saturday, March 1st from 11 am until 2:30 pmThe Healing Stories Project issues a call to all who care about healing and the future of our city and region.

Join us and share your Truths on Housing Justice. Hear testimonies from those affected by practices of the Federal Housing Administration long ago, current practices of racial steering, foreclosures, predatory lending and other systemic issues designed to keep our region segregated.

With Metro Detroit being the 4th largest segregated city in the country we envision a region that is built upon equity and where you live doesn’t determine how well you live!

Join us and bring others to this Public Hearing on HOUSING JUSTICE
in Metro Detroit

Saturday, March 1st
11 am until 2:30 pm

A light lunch will be provided

Please register at miroundtable.org

For more information please call 313-870-1500 x104

Housing Truth sponsors

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