Jun 242015

The Charleston Massacre demands a Fight Back Against Racism

Friday – June 26 – 4:30 PM

Grand Circus Park – Detroit
(Woodward at W. Adams St.)

“Take Down the Flag” rally in Columbia, S.C. WW photo: Bill Starr

“Take Down the Flag” rally in Columbia, S.C.
WW photo: Bill Starr

The Charleston, South Carolina massacre by a white supremacist demands an anti-racism mobilization. The unending cases of police brutality and police murder of African Americans, Latino/as, LGBTQ community and other people of color demand a united fight back movement. Mass incarcerations, mass foreclosures, mass water shutoffs, pension and social service cuts demands we organize a huge grassroots response.

Across the country a mass movement is emerging. From Ferguson to Baltimore, in cities, towns and campuses people are standing up and saying “NO MORE!”

Join a Detroit speak-out and protest against the Charleston massacre and all the other intolerable outrages. All are welcome.

Issued by: Moratorium NOW Coalition (Moratorium-Mi.org); Detroit Active & Retired Employees Asso. (DAREA); Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice; Fight Imperialism-Stand Together (FIST); Workers World Party

For more info: call 313-680-5508 or email moratorium@moratorium-mi.org

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