Detroit Stands with Greece

Demonstration: Stand with Greece

No to Austerity and Economic Terrorism

Wednesday, June 15, NOON

Chase Bank, Woodward Avenue  at Fort Street, Detroit

Drop the Debt - Greece 650px

This Wednesday there will be demonstrations all over the world against the austerity being imposed on the people of Greece by the Eurozone and U.S. dominated IMF. After six months of resistance, the Syriza leadership capitulated to the threat of economic blockade by international finance capital, but the workers worldwide are standing up in defense of their Greek brothers and sisters.

Detroit is the epicenter for austerity and the war by finance capital against the working class in the US. The workers of Detroit know what it is to be bludgeoned into givebacks and selling off their assets by the same banks who created the financial crisis.

The workers of Detroit stand with the people of Greece on this day of international solidarity in saying NO to austerity, NO to pension cuts, and NO to privatization. CANCEL THE ILLEGAL DEBT. MAKE THE BANKS PAY.

Called by Moratorium Now! Coalition and Workers World Party

Click here to read the Greek Parliament Debt Committee Report: Debt to Banks is “Illegal, Illegitimate, And Odious”

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