Detroit Solidarity with Standing Rock, Friday, 4pm


Demonstration at Chase Bank
in solidarity with the struggle at Standing Rock

611 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226

Friday, Nov. 4, 4 PM

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux and other Native American Nations began demonstrating in April in opposition to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipe Line on Treaty Lands when they rode in on horseback and established the Sacred Stone spiritual camp.

Since then, thousands of activists and supporters have travelled to the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota, including members of Native Nations from across the US and beyond, in order to protect the water and the environment. Several more camps of protectors have been established. A huge and continuing protest has emerged and has become a rallying cry for Indigenous rights, as well as opposition to climate change and environmental destruction. More than 280 Native American Nations are represented in the camps, making this the largest gathering of Native Peoples ever.

Last week, militarized police, organized by the oil companies in collusion with big banks, used teargas, tasers, rubber bullets, sound cannons, dogs, snipers, and physical brute force to attack peaceful protesters in a manner reminiscent of the brutal attacks by white supremacist police on African Americans during the civil rights movements more tha fifty years ago.

The Standing Rock protectors have called upon all good people to to converge on Standing Rock in a massive show of resistance to DAPL and in support of the unalieanble right to self-determination of all Native Ameican Nations. For those that cannot make the journey to North Dakota, the Standing Rock protectors urge that we target the dozens of banks financing DAPL. As it turns out, many of these banks were also involved in the destruction of homes in our neighborhoods, destructions of our schools, water shutoffs, and the general looting of Detroit.

Join us in a demonstration at Chase Bank on Friday, Nov. 4, at 4 PM. We may also march to others banks in downtown Detroit that are also financing DAPL. Check out this chart from Food & Water Watch showing the banks financing the pipeline:



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