Demonstrate at GM Shareholders Meeting

Make GM Pay!

Demonstrate at Shareholders Meeting

Ren Cen (GM Headquarters), Jefferson Ave., Detroit

June 7, 9 AM

Demo-GM-June 2016

Flint Lives Matter!
Justice for injured workers, from Colombia to India!
Unsafe vehicles caused 124+ deaths in the U.S.!
Make GM Pay!

A few months after Flint’s “Emergency Manager” changed Flint’s water source, thereby poisoning tens of thousands of families, GM demanded to have its water supply at its factory changed back. Reason: the water was corroding engine parts! While acting swiftly to protect its profits, the corporation that was built by Flint’s autoworkers, and is responsible for polluting the Flint River, made no move to defend Flint’s families or their children.

GM is a job-killer

On the contrary, GM has devastated Flint with plant closures and automation and imposed inferior contracts on its workers, enabling GM Executives to boast $9.7 billion in profits in 2015, the richest in its 108-year history.
GM workers abroad are made to suffer as well: workers in large numbers at GM factories in Colombia, India, and elsewhere are getting injured on the job, then are fired without workers’ compensation.

GM’s quest for profits has cost consumers’ lives as well. Over 124 unsuspecting drivers and/or passengers in Chevys and Saturns died due to defective ignition switches, which the executives knew for years, and concealed. That’s ten times more than what the company owned up to!

On every front, people are fighting back against GM’s misdeeds. In Flint, the community is mobilizing under the banner of “clean water is a human right” and demanding “fix the pipes now!” The surviving families of GM’s ignition switch recall fiasco are mobilizing for a demonstration next year for auto- mobile safety in Washington D.C. and raising money for a survivors’billboard here in Detroit. Autoworkers in India are fighting back against the imminent closure of their factory, and in Bogota, Colombia the fired and injured GM workers (members of ASOTRECOL) have staged a nearly five-year long encampment at the U.S. Embassy to demand their rights and the rights of all workers to safe jobs.

Tuesday, June 7th, we will bring together in one rally these cries for justice and compensation to GM’s shareholders.

Flint Lives Matter!  Injured workers’ lives matter!  Consumers’ lives matter!  Make GM Pay!  The people and the planet are more sacred than GM’s profits!

Demonstrate at the annual shareholder meeting: Tuesday, June 7th 9:00 am. Outside GM World Headquarters, 400 Renaissance Center on the Detroit River.




Sponsored by: Autoworker Caravan

Endorsed by: Moratorium Now! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shutoffs, Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice, ASOTRECOL Solidarity Network.

Contact us at: or Frank (313)863-3219

Click on image to download the leaflet:
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