Aftermath of pension scam leaves would-be homeowners in dire straits

Paramount victims Steve Bynum, Kim Pierce, Dana Hill-Steve Babson

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By Curt Guyette

Published: July 18, 2012 in the Metro Times

Published: July 18, 2012

One of those vacant homes sits across from the house Pierce and Bynum live in. They put locks on the doors and boards on the windows, and they keep the grass mowed.

Pierce has made a request to appear before the pension board, which has filed a lawsuit against Paramount. A call seeking comment from the pension board was not returned by press time.

According to Day, the pension board has indicated that it would consider allowing people to stay in their homes if they pay the full purchase price as originally agreed to in the land contracts. The homeowners want to negotiate, seeking an amount closer to the actual value of the property.


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