Jul 022015

CLEAN, AFFORDABLE WATER FOR ALL: Detroit to Flint Water Justice Journey

Detroit to Flint Water Journey

People’s Water Board


8:00 AM: Spiritual ritual with a water theme, Underground Railroad Monument (Hart Plaza), led by indigenous Water Women

9:30 AM: Meet-up at Central United Methodist Church, walk to Water Department, and Spirit of Detroit.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Send-off at Spirit of Detroit Statue (send-off is scheduled for 11:00 AM)

2:30 PM- 3:30 PM: Cultural Celebration, Nandi’s Café, 12511 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI 48203

4 PM to 5:30 PM: Voices from Highland Park-Town Hall Meeting, at location TBA

9:00 PM Detroit Light Brigade, 9 Mile and Woodard, Ferndale, MI

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM: Meet for a Cross County Speak out, Baldwin Center, 212 Baldwin Ave, Pontiac, MI 48342

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM: Rally for clean, affordable water, Flint City Hall, 1101 S. Saginaw Street, Flint, Michigan 48502. Governor Snyder has been invited for a citizens’ roundtable at the Flint City Hall to meet with residents impacted by water issues as well as water justice groups representing Detroit, Highland Park, and Flint. A delegation of representatives representing these cities will travel to Lansing that day to deliver the message that all of Michigan needs safe and affordable water.

*Start times and meeting places for those who wish to join in as a daily walker will be posted on the PWB website. Those who wish to walk the final leg of the journey are invited to gather at Woodside Church, 1509 Court St. Flint, MI 48503 no later than 9:30 AM on Friday, July 10.

Visit People’s Water Board for updates.

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Jun 242015

The Charleston Massacre demands a Fight Back Against Racism

Friday – June 26 – 4:30 PM

Grand Circus Park – Detroit
(Woodward at W. Adams St.)

“Take Down the Flag” rally in Columbia, S.C. WW photo: Bill Starr

“Take Down the Flag” rally in Columbia, S.C.
WW photo: Bill Starr

The Charleston, South Carolina massacre by a white supremacist demands an anti-racism mobilization. The unending cases of police brutality and police murder of African Americans, Latino/as, LGBTQ community and other people of color demand a united fight back movement. Mass incarcerations, mass foreclosures, mass water shutoffs, pension and social service cuts demands we organize a huge grassroots response.

Across the country a mass movement is emerging. From Ferguson to Baltimore, in cities, towns and campuses people are standing up and saying “NO MORE!”

Join a Detroit speak-out and protest against the Charleston massacre and all the other intolerable outrages. All are welcome.

Issued by: Moratorium NOW Coalition (Moratorium-Mi.org); Detroit Active & Retired Employees Asso. (DAREA); Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice; Fight Imperialism-Stand Together (FIST); Workers World Party

For more info: call 313-680-5508 or email moratorium@moratorium-mi.org

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Jun 192015

An example for Detroit?

Greek Debt Committee Just Declared All Debt To The Troika “Illegal, Illegitimate, And Odious”

by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, on 06/17/2015
Greece - Report - Truth Comm on Public Debt - 06-16-2015 p1-600px Continue reading »

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Jun 022015

Detroit is in a State of Emergency
Detroiters Fight Back – No Justice, No Peace!

Stop Tax Foreclosures of Occupied Homes!
Stop Water Shut-Offs!
Take Back Our City!

Monday, June 8, 12 P.M.
Wayne County Treasurer’s Office
400 Monroe, Downtown Detroit

Demo at Treasurer2 3-31-15 650px

  • Thousands of occupied homes face tax foreclosure and eviction in neighborhoods already devastated by years of racist, predatory mortgage lending by the banks.
  • Some 25,000 homes are facing water shutoffs.
  • Schools are shuttered while property taxes are diverted to pay off debt service to the banks.
  • Youth face joblessness, police brutality, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

On June 8 thousands of occupied homes are scheduled to go into tax foreclosure. The Wayne County Treasurer, under pressure from community protests, was forced to extend the tax foreclosure deadline from March 31 to June 8. Come out to demand a One Year Moratorium on all Tax Foreclosures of Occupied Homes, during which property taxes can be reassessed to reflect real home values; seniors and the poor can be placed into hardship exemptions to which they are entitled; and the $251 million in federal Hardest Hit funds can be accessed to pay off delinquent bills and save homes, not tear them down.

June 8 will launch a Summer of Resistance to Stop Foreclosures and Water Shutoffs, and defend the people of Detroit against the bankers and developers and the politicians who represent their interests.

Action called by members of Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs; Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management; We the People of Detroit; Detroit Eviction Defense; Russell Woods-Sullivan Area Association; Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association; Detroit FIST; IWW; Detroit and Michigan Coalitions Against Tar Sands; People’s Potluck Detroit; St. Peter’s Episcopal Church; and other groups and activists.

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May 132015

Calling on all victims of the big banks – foreclosed or evicted due to fraudulent, racist predatory loans; lost pensions due to high interest “bond swaps” with the city of Detroit; lost wages, health care and benefits from phony “bankruptcy”…

All Out May 19, 9:00 am

Demonstrate at J.P. Morgan-Chase’s Annual Meeting

Westin Book Cadillac Hotel
(Michigan Ave. & Washington Blvd. – Detroit)

JPMorganChase Demo-Detroit-650px


J.P. Morgan Chase:

  • Made billions of dollars off racist, predatory, sub-prime mortage loans in Detroit and across the U.S. Chase’s subsidiary, Washington Mutual, was the model for fraud featured in the Senate Select Committee investigating Wall Street and the financial crisis.
  • Makes trillions of dollars worldwide by robbing cities and whole countries through its interest rate swaps “swindles”. In Detroit, Chase and the banksters were given a $536 million pay-off out of the water department’s $1.1 billion 2010-11 bond deals intended to fix the system, and is the real culprit in the mass water shut-offs.




Called by: Moratorium Now! Coalition – 313-680-5508 – moratorium-mi.org


May 122015

Click here to download Community letter opposing tax foreclosures

aclu letter p1

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May 102015

Press Conference/Rally

Demo at Treasurer2 3-31-15 650px

Community Organizations to Demand Wayne County Treasurer Extend May 12 Tax Foreclosure Deadline, and Place a Moratorium on Foreclosures of Occupied Homes

Tuesday, May 12, 12 Noon

Wayne County Treasurer’s office, 400 Monroe, Detroit (at Greektown)

Contact: 313-319-0870


Community Groups, including the ACLU, Russell Woods-Sullivan Area Association, Moratorium Now Coalition, and many more will be holding a press conference and rally to demand that the Wayne County Treasurer extend the May 12 deadline for putting properties into tax foreclosure, and instead implement a moratorium on occupied homes to avert the emergency facing our community.

According to Wayne County Assistant Treasurer David Szymanski, 31,000 properties are scheduled to go into tax foreclosure as of May 12, with at least 9,000 occupied properties. This does not include the up to 18,000 properties being foreclosed on through the “reverter” program.

While the number of occupied homes facing foreclosure continues to be unprecedented, the total has been reduced from the original figure of 30,000 occupied homes primarily by the county frantically placing thousands of homeowners into “payment” plans. The same strategy was employed by the DWSD when the water shut-off disaster hit Detroit last summer and fall. However, a recent report outlined that of 24,743 households placed in water payment plans, all but 300 are in default and facing shut-off once again. The rush to payment plans is not an answer to the foreclosure epidemic, but simply delays the full impact of the catastrophe. At the minimum, a moratorium on foreclosures will give time to assess the impact of this effort by the treasurer.

The bulk of homes facing tax foreclosures are based on assessments far greater than the real value of the homes. A moratorium on foreclosures would allow an opportunity for property taxes owed to be reset based on the actual values of the properties. While Mayor Duggan and the treasurer have announced plans that attempt to deal with this contradiction, a moratorium on foreclosures would allow time to assure that these plans are implemented and tested for their effectiveness.

Detroit has the highest poverty rate of any city in the US. Yet, thousands of homeowners who should have been placed in hardship exemptions reducing or eliminating their property taxes were not given these exemptions. A moratorium on foreclosures will give time to insure that seniors and the poor do not lose their homes due to unpaid property tax bills that never should have been owed.

Szymanski announced that 5000 homes avoided tax foreclosure through the federal Helping Hardest Hit pay paying their delinquent bills. $251 million in hardest hit funds remain unspent. A moratorium on foreclosures would allow time to insure that these funds be utilized to stop the remaining foreclosures of occupied homes. In addition, to the extent that these funds are now being diverted to blight removal, a moratorium on foreclosures would allow time to demand that MSHDA and the U.S. treasury use the funds for the purpose for which they are intended, keeping families in their homes, not tearing them down.

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Apr 282015

Gather / Junta: 11:30 AM at Grand Circus Park (Woodward Av and W. Adams)

March / Marcha: 12 Noon through downtown Detroit

Caravan / Caravana: 2 PM from Grand Circus Park to Clark Park (W. Vernor Av and Clark St)

Speakers-Entertainment / Presentaciones-Entretenimiento: 3 – 6 PM at Clark Park

MayDay-2015-fbMay 1, 1886 saw a national strike for the 8 hour work day in the United States. Four labor leaders were hanged for their role in the struggle following the Haymarket incident. All around the world May Day is celebrated as the workers’ holiday – we are one class with many struggles.

May Day — Solidarity with Baltimore Rebellion – Justice for Freddie GreyTerrance Kellom and All Victims of Police Terror

Facebook-Event     Two Facebook Event Pages      Facebook-Event


May Day 2015 Detroit – Our Fight Continues

Across Detroit poor and working people are under attack. Let’s unite our struggles and fight back against the corporate/banking bosses who are destroying our communities and our lives:
• Stop the 62,000 tax foreclosures – demand a MORATORIUM NOW!
• Stop the tens of thousands of scheduled water shutoffs – water is a human right!
• Support Immigrant rights – stop deportations – stop breaking up families – solidarity with workers around the world
• Stop police killings and brutality – Justice for Floyd Dent and Terrance Kellom and Anthony Clark Reed. Free Reverend Edward Pinkney
• Restore the cuts made to pensions of 32,000 retired Detroit City workers – make the banks pay!
• Decent wages and dignity for all workers – support $15 minimum wage!
• Support Marriage Equality – End LGBTQ oppression.
• Defend women’s right to choice – Stop attacks on reproductive freedom
• Stop tax giveaways to the rich. No to Snyder’s sales tax hike
• Stop destruction of the environment – System Change, Not Climate Change
• Money for jobs, housing, education – NOT WAR!

Día del trabajador 2015 Detroit – Nuestra lucha sigue
En Detroit, los pobres y los trabajadores están bajo ataque. Vamos a unir nuestras luchas y pelear contra los bancos y las corporaciones que están destruyendo nuestras comunidades y nuestras vidas:
• Parar los 62.000 desalojos por impuestos – ¡Exigir una MORATORIA AHORA!
• Parar los miles de cortes de agua – ¡El agua es un derecho humano!
• Apoyar los derechos de inmigrantes – parar las deportaciones – dejar de romper familias – ¡Solidaridad con los trabajadores del mundo!
• Parar la brutalidad y matanzas policiácas – ¡Justicia para Floyd Dent y Terrance Kellom y Anthony Clark Reed! ¡Libertad para el Reverendo Edward Pinkney!
• Restaurar la reducción de las pensiones de 32.000 trabajadores jubilados de la ciudad– ¡Que paguen los bancos!
• Salarios decentes y dignidad para todos los trabajadores – ¡Apoyar $15 para el salario mínimo!
• Apoyar igualdad del matrimonio – ¡Acabar con la opresión contra la comunidad LGBTQ!
• Defender los derechos de la mujer – ¡Acabar con los ataques sobre libertad reproductive!
• Acabar con los regalos fiscales a los ricos. ¡No al aumento de impuestos por Snyder!
• Acabar con la destrucción del medio ambiente – ¡Cambio sistémico, no climático!
• Dinero para trabajos, vivienda, educación, ¡NO PARA GUERRAS!

Sponsored by / Auspiciado por: Moratorium NOW Coalition (Moratorium-Mi.org); National Boricua Human Rights Network(boricuahumanrights.org); Michigan Solidarity Network with Mexico (https://twitter.com/SolidarityMX); Fronteras Nortenas; League of Revolutionaries for a New America (LRNA Detroit); The People’s Tribune Newspaper; Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (mecawi.org); Workers World Party(workers.org); Change Agent Consortium; Detroit School Board members in Exile; Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association (DAREA)
For more information / Para más información: 313-680-5508

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